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Holsworthy Golf Course

Holsworthy Golf Course enjoys 18 holes of parkland golf over the most tranquil and beautiful countryside Devon has to offer. Situated in the heart of North Devon just 20 minutes from Bude on the spectacular North Devon Coast and with far reaching views to Dartmoor National Park it is a course you will want to play again and again.

The course offers golfers of all levels an enjoyable experience. Some holes demand long drives or accuracy while other are more forgiving providing a balanced and enjoyable test of golf.

Since 2012 considerable work has been undertaken throughout the course to improve drainage and overall condition resulting in a course that is playable all year with excellent greens.

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  • Hole 1 - The Kella-Way

    White tee: 332 yds  Par: 4 Stroke index: 13

    Yellow tee: 323 yds  Par: 4 Stroke index: 13

    Red tee: 317 yds  Par: 4 Stroke index: 7

    Although under 350 yards the first typically plays into the prevailing wind making the hole plays longer than the card would suggest. The shallow green is well protected by a bunker front centre so an accurate drive is needed in order to play your approach shot from the fairway and benefit from the extra ball control.

  • Hole 2 - Forget-me-not

    White tee: 399 yds  Par: 4 Stroke index: 3

    Yellow tee: 392 yds  Par: 4 Stroke index: 3

    Red tee: 386 yds  Par: 5 Stroke index: 14

    At just under 400 yards and like the first typically playing into the wind a par here is a score to be proud of. A long fade is the ideal shot from the tee to play into the natural slope of the fairway, don't pull it left though, many trees await!

  • Hole 3 - Okey Hole

    White tee: 328 yds  Par: 4 Stroke index: 11

    Yellow tee: 325 yds  Par: 4 Stroke index: 11

    Red tee: 321 yds  Par: 4 Stroke index: 5

    A large fairway bunker on the left and trees on the right make for a narrow fairway. Avoid the hazards with your drive and you are left with an approach shot that is up hill so be sure to take at least one extra club to reach the green.

  • Hole 4 - Sammys Nest

    White tee: 209 yds  Par: 3 Stroke index: 7

    Yellow tee: 166 yds  Par: 3 Stroke index: 7

    Red tee: 146 yds  Par: 3 Stroke index: 12

    This S.I 7 Par 3 requires a full shot to reach this green in regulation, from the white tee a 180 yd carry to reach the green and avoid rolling back into the ditch from the front edge is needed. The split level green has some testing borrows to catch you out even if you reach it in 1. Watch the flag for prevailing westerly winds.

  • Hole 5 - Maurice's Menace

    White tee: 504 yds  Par: 5 Stroke index: 9

    Yellow tee: 496 yds  Par: 5 Stroke index: 9

    Red tee: 385 yds  Par: 4 Stroke index: 1

    From this plateau tee a strong drive to the fairway marker will put you in good stead for a par, a position centre or right of the fairway will open up the green but be careful as any thing left will leave you a line of trees to clear. Once through the gap the green awaits but this is another tough green to read so 2 putts for a par is a great result.

  • Hole 6 - Captains 81

    White tee: 439 yds  Par: 4 Stroke index: 1

    Yellow tee: 432 yds  Par: 4 Stroke index: 1

    Red tee: 421 yds  Par: 5 Stroke index: 10

    This is S.I 1 for good reason, always tough to reach in 2, your approach shot needs to be to the left as the green falls away from left to right and landing on the front edge middle to right can run you into the strategically placed bunker. Par is well earned here.

  • Hole 7 - Chindits Haven

    White tee: 300 yds  Par: 4 Stroke index: 15

    Yellow tee: 297 yds  Par: 4 Stroke index: 15

    Red tee: 291 yds  Par: 4 Stroke index: 15

    In firm ground conditions big hitters can reach this green with their drives but they run the risk of bunkers right and left if not straight down the middle. All standards need a straight drive as trees line both side of the narrow fairway. The green has some interesting lines and runs down severely right to left.

  • Hole 8 - Taffs Win

    White tee: 150 yds  Par: 3 Stroke index: 17

    Yellow tee: 139 yds  Par: 3 Stroke index: 17

    Red tee: 132 yds  Par: 3 Stroke index: 18

    Birdie chances on this hole but allow for the following wind, any wayward tee shot finds trees on the left and a tight hedge line to the right of the green, the green runs steeply upwards front to back.

  • Hole 9 - Headons Hollow

    White tee: 353 yds  Par: 4 Stroke index: 5

    Yellow tee: 347 yds  Par: 4 Stroke index: 5

    Red tee: 335 yds  Par: 4 Stroke index: 3

    With a fairway running down from left to right it's important to aim left to allow your drive to roll down to the centre of the fairway,but beware a slightly miss hit drive to the left will land you in one of Holsworthy's notorious Devon banks. Good drive and approach shot and you are in with a good chance of a par or better.

  • Hole 10 - Dudleys Corner

    White tee: 349 yds  Par: 4 Stroke index: 12

    Yellow tee: 343 yds  Par: 4 Stroke index: 12

    Red tee: 327 yds  Par: 4 Stroke index: 8

    The name of the hole suggests a dog leg but it is two good straight shots that are needed to reach this green in regulation. Quite easy to run through this green even though it runs steeply upwards from front to back. Trees on the right and “that” Devon bank on the left catch out any wayward tee shot.

  • Hole 11 - Grandpi's Hole

    White tee: 397 yds  Par: 4 Stroke index: 6

    Yellow tee: 389 yds  Par: 4 Stroke index: 6

    Red tee: 322 yds  Par: 4 Stroke index: 4

    Trees down the right from the tee can cause big hitters with a draw problems, they will force you over and cause you to run in to the ditch which runs down the left. A good drive down the middle and a strong fairway wood will help you find the flattest green on the course, but the prevailing wind if blowing will make it tough in two.

  • Hole 12 - Dunstans Lookout

    White tee: 380 yds  Par: 4 Stroke index: 2

    Yellow tee: 373 yds  Par: 4 Stroke index: 2

    Red tee: 354 yds  Par: 4 Stroke index: 2

    This will either be your favourite or nemesis hole. How you play it depends on conditions, summer day and a clean drive from the white tee can run into the stream, slight fade and if windy can land you in the trees or 3rd fairway, pull it left and a ditch awaits. But!! two good shots, clear the bunkers, two putts, Heaven!

  • Hole 13 - Leddys Ain

    White tee: 290 yds  Par: 4 Stroke index: 16

    Yellow tee: 280 yds  Par: 4 Stroke index: 16

    Red tee: 273 yds  Par: 4 Stroke index: 17

    A straight tee shot is required on this hole to put you in the position for an easy chip and run onto this long green, off target to the left from the tee can run you into O.O.B and to the right another Devon bank followed by a line of trees. A narrow entrance to the green, but once on another flat run to the pin from any point.

  • Hole 14 - Lens Leap

    White tee: 160 yds  Par: 3 Stroke index: 18

    Yellow tee: 161 yds  Par: 3 Stroke index: 18

    Red tee: 151 yds  Par: 3 Stroke index: 16

    A straightforward par 3 but you need to be straight to be in with a chance of a birdie, this sloping green can catch you out though as can the prevailing wind from left to right. From the yellow and red tees the wind is not noticeable so keep an eye on the flag.

  • Hole 15 - Roon The Bend

    White tee: 370 yds  Par: 4 Stroke index: 8

    Yellow tee: 355 yds  Par: 4 Stroke index: 8

    Red tee: 311 yds  Par: 4 Stroke index: 9

    A slight dog leg left so aim to be centre to right to give yourself a clear shot at the green. In firm conditions your second will run on down the slope to the green so take one club less. Once on the green there is a severe run down from right to left which isn't obvious.

  • Hole 16 - Locks Folly

    White tee: 156 yds  Par: 3 Stroke index: 14

    Yellow tee: 149 yds  Par: 3 Stroke index: 14

    Red tee: 141 yds  Par: 3 Stroke index: 13

    Wind and course condition make all the difference on this par 3. but avoid going left at all cost, this green is one of the hardest to 1 putt and from to top to bottom can run you back down off the green so aim for a uphill putt. S.I 14 makes you think it's easy, beware!

  • Hole 17 - Choak

    White tee: 385 yds  Par: 4 Stroke index: 4

    Yellow tee: 374 yds  Par: 4 Stroke index: 4

    Red tee: 366 yds  Par: 5 Stroke index: 11

    This severe left hand dog leg is a real challenge for the average golfer to get a par, aim for the pylon to put yourself in a position for a straight shot to the green but you will need to lay up before the ditch and then on in 3. Big hitters will cut the corner but you need a 180+yd carry to give yourself a medium iron to the long green.

  • Hole 18 - The Gillards

    White tee: 544 yds  Par: 5 Stroke index: 10

    Yellow tee: 532 yds  Par: 5 Stroke index: 10

    Red tee: 501 yds  Par: 5 Stroke index: 6

    Homeward bound down this lovely par 5, don't get sucked in to the big drive and pull O.O.B all the way down the left. three comfortable shots should get you to the green but beware running right to the two bunkers which aren't visible from the fairway. Par this and give yourself a round of applause.